Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't autopilot through a 1.0 system in your brand new Federation Navy Comet when your sec status is -2.4

So... ah... yeah. This is pretty self explanatory: I was autopiloting from my low sec hangout to my mission agent's HQ in my Comet, went AFK to go release some hostages in the Privy, and came back to find my pod sitting next to the now smoking ruin of what used to be my beautiful new ship; which I had purchased not one day earlier... :-(

Lesson to be learned for a n00b pirate such as myself?--> Always pay attention to your security status relative to those of the systems through which you will be traveling when you are planning to autopilot anywhere!

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Anonymous said...

That's very unfortunate to hear mate, the whole security status thing can easily be forgotten , I sure know I've done it a few times myself.

I think the best mantra to live by is to never autopilot in honesty, some people will gank you regardless of whether you are flashy or not with a ship like that.

Roll with the punches and go yahhr that losss back! o7