Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How in the #@$%! does he do that? Oh... wait... now I see :-/

So as I said in a previous post I have moved back to my original stomping grounds in Everyshore; which also happens to be where I popped my cherry as a pirate, and consequently will always hold a special place in my heart...

To commemorate my return I've decided to switch it up a little bit and jump into a Vexor. My drone and fitting skills are fairly good, and as such I can get pretty decent DPS out of it while still fitting a formidable tank. I'm feeling pretty good about the fitting, especially after Nashh Kadavr posted his latest Help Desk #5: How to Fit a Vexor, here's the less skill intensive variation on that fit that I've been using lately:

1x 1600mm rolled tungsten
1x Damage control 2
2x EANM (or 1x EANM and 1x Explosive hardener if I feel the need for extra explosive resist)

1x 1omn MWD
1x Warp Disruptor 2
1x Langour Drive

4x Modal Light Neutron Particle Accelerator (with Federation Navy Anti-Matter)
1x Small Energy Neutralizer

3x Medium Trimark Armor Pump

5x Hammerhead 2
10x Hobgoblin 2

Now I'd like to bring to light 2 glaring differences between my fitting and Nashh's: 1. He uses 2x heavy, 2x medium, and 1x light drones as a group in order to maximize the drone dps, I don't have good heavy drone skills yet, therefore I have opted not to do this; and 2. His fitting's got a medium Neut/Nos in the last high slot... without sacrificing a trimark for an ancillary current router I just can't do that as I don't have the requisite Squire PG4 Implant (3% bonus to powergrid output).

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