Friday, April 9, 2010

Which Fitting: Tough Vs Speedy Fat Man

So I've come to a point where I'm not sure which loadout is better for my Tristan. I've got it narrowed down to two fittings, currently.

The first is passively tanked, and the basic setup that I've been using since I started ganking in low sec a little over a week ago. I've had fairly good success with it, as it can take a quite a beating, and puts out fairly good dps (with my skill level...), but it is relatively slow, and not very agile, as you can see below...

The second load-out, the one which I'm going to test out, and am considering changing to as my primary fitting, is very fast and agile (33% faster and 40% more agile to be exact), does more DPS, but uses an active tank with a Tech II armor repair. I know the idea of active tanking a pvp frigate seems odd, but with the armor repair overloaded I'd actually be able to get as many effective HPs out of it, that is of course assuming that the battle will last the 52 seconds that it takes my capacitor to deplete.

Does anyone have any suggestions as which I should go with, or any advice on how I can make them better?

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Kishin Hattori said...

In my experience with actively tanked frigates their natural buffer generally isn't enough to provide ample time for an armour repper to cycle over fully.

My advice would be to perhaps swap the nanofiber back out for a 200mm plate, perhaps of a lighter variety if rolled tungsten cuts out your speed. Avoid using the armour trimark in your rigs unless your skills are good enough for them as that will hurt your speed more than the plate in my opinion.

On a final note, remember that polycarbon engine rigs cut your armour down themselves. I think both fits have their merits and finding the balance between active and passive will be your key to victory. If you haven't already, the cookie cutter Rifter is my basis for these claims.

All the best hunting out there and keep up the good blog!